Temple of Juno Moneta

Welcome, devotees of the numismatic arts! The Goddess Juno Moneta wishes to thank all supplicants to her Temple. Herein you will find many fine examples of her guiding hand.

The Moneta Museum Gallery allows you to view excellent photos of coins through the ages. You can become a registered member FREE and upload your own coin images, build your own Gallery! Please read "About" Moneta Temple for the complete story. Help us document the world's authentic coins with photos, weights, and measures. You are completely secure with your anonymous ID.

The Moneta Library is a great source for your numismatic research. You can read, and print articles on a wide variety of numismatic subjects. Best of all you can contribute to on-going research or start your own research project and get help from other researchers.

Another feature is our Links page. I hope to link to every coin auction house, dealer, and coin museum and organization. Sites with significant research content are my favorites. You can submit your site or your favorite sites to help make our list more complete.